Marisa’s Wine Doodles

I’ve been studying wine.

Tastings are great for learning. So are maps and flash cards, books and seminars.

Note-taking helps but, doodling really helps.

I’m no artist, but this works for me. Actually, doodling just happened. My son has always enjoyed drawing and while I was watching him one day, he said, “Why don’t you draw something…”

Not really knowing what to draw, I started using wine as a subject. I noticed how much it helped me with my wine studies and provided a break at the same time.

When over-stimulated, the entire process – from creating a story, to selecting the colors – gives me something to focus on. It’s a great stress-reliever, not to mention an activity I can share with my son.

I use color pencils and each one takes about an hour to create. For those of you who have reached out asking for more, I plan to be a doodling fool in 2019! Perhaps, we’ll have ourselves a little collection by the end of the year!