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Marisa Finetti

Just 5 words:  food :: wine :: travel  :: home :: gatherings

These are the things I love and relish.

Where there is food and wine, there are gatherings.  OK, the bath houses of ancient Rome were places for communal gatherings, but then everyone moved on to feast on food and wine, didn’t they?  Really though, more than ever I treasure the time spent with friends and family.   It’s an adventure each and every time I try something new, and I’m likely to share it with you.

This space is also my answer to family and friends who have requested for recipes when I posted pictures of dinner on Facebook and Instagram.  Now, it’s here for you, and I encourage you to try them out and share!

Here, you’ll find recipes and discoveries of all sorts, short stories on people, places, food and wine.

I hope you enjoy it as much I love posting.  Please share and be well!

Very deliciously yours,


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